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MIXT's Use of Loop to Empower Store Managers


“Loop Operational Performance Reports have been a game changer for us. We're now able to access timely insights and feedback from our customers, which has not only saved us countless hours but has also allowed us to deliver better service to our customers”

  • Kat
    Director of Digital Channels at MIXT




Reduced time to action by

6 days



MIXT, a popular salad restaurant chain with 10+ locations and two sub-brands, faced challenges related to collating and analyzing customer feedback from various platforms at scale. With reviews coming through Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub & Helpscout, having a solution that aggregates all of them in one place has empowered store managers to react quickly and deliver the high quality experience their customers have come to expect.


Prior to implementing Loop, the operations team at MIXT would spend nearly 6-8 hours each week collecting and analyzing feedback data from four different platforms. This process was time-consuming and made deriving actionable insights a challenge. The team initially began using Loop to examine one category of delivery feedback. Over the last six months, they have expanded its use to consolidate data, automating collation, and generating actionable insights.

These are now provided in concise, one-page weekly reports.Loop has empowered store managers to boost productivity, implement customized plans, and drive improvements across all locations. Thanks to the collaboration between MIXT and Loop, the operations team can address customer pain points effectively. They achieve this through the Loop Customer Reviews Module, powered by Chat GPT. This module aggregates and presents customer insights in real-time.Furthermore, Loop integrates seamlessly with their primary feedback provider, HelpScout. This integration simplifies the process for this customer-centric operator to manage and respond to all customer reviews simultaneously.






The implementation of Loop yielded remarkable results for MIXT:


Improved Efficiency


Enhanced Customer Feedback Response Time:


Increased Visibility and Performance Tracking


Quantified Financial Impact

At LOOP, we pride ourselves on delivering tangible results that make a real difference in the food delivery industry. Here's a glimpse of the concrete ways we have helped MIXT:


Menu Accuracy:

  • Mandarin Salad Issue:
    • Through LOOP's platform, we identified a mapping error that caused customers to receive the wrong protein in their orders.
    • Customers ordering chicken on third-party platforms were getting steak due to the mapping mismatch.
    • This resulted in customer complaints and confusion about their orders.
    • Thanks to LOOP, we successfully rectified the mapping error, ensuring accurate protein selection for customers.

Photo Error:

  • Photo Error:
    • Another challenge we faced was a photo error that caused confusion among customers.
    • The picture displayed crispy chicken, which wasn't available at some of our stores.
    • Customers would order based on the photo, leading to disappointment upon receiving a different salad.
    • With the help of LOOP, we updated the photos to showcase the grilled chicken salad instead.
    • This resolved the issue and significantly reduced order errors, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Resolving Operational Challenges:

  • Opening a New Location in Mill Valley:
    • When we opened a new location in Mill Valley, we encountered various issues with third-party platforms.
    • Through LOOP's platform, we conducted a thorough analysis to identify the top 10 critical problems affecting performance.
    • We then shared these insights with the general manager, area manager, and director of operations.
    • This focused approach allowed us to address the most important issues, resulting in enhanced operations and improved star ratings.


With the Loop Customer Reviews module, MIXT now has instant access to customer feedback, saving hundreds of hours of manual work previously required to gather the data. The module also enables all the GMs in the stores to stay on top of customer reviews, helping them improve their service and offerings.

By leveraging Loop's automation and AI capabilities, MIXT has experienced a transformative shift in its operations. The streamlined data collation process, coupled with Loop's actionable insights, has empowered store managers to boost productivity, implement customized plans, and drive continuous improvements across all locations.

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