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Rally’s (AZ) reduces order errors and chargebacks by 60% using Loop


“Prior to engaging Loop, we spent several hours per day researching chargebacks, order errors and customer refunds, phoning delivery services and coordinating with stores. Loop automated the entire process, saving us thousands of dollars and hours.”

  • Keith Gallangher


Order Accuracy





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Delivery Profitability




A Rally's location in Arizona, experienced a surge in delivery orders during the pandemic, with around 20% of orders coming through third-party delivery services. However, they lacked the data to understand inaccuracies, errors, and customer feedback from these deliveries. This resulted in operational inefficiencies and missed opportunities to address customer concerns.


Previously, Rally's had a team member dedicated to manually building detailed error reports and sharing them with the team. This process was time-consuming and did not provide real-time visibility into issues with third-party deliveries. The team spent over 10 hours each day on this redundant work, which took away valuable time from other essential tasks.


Pain Points:

Lack of visibility and understanding of customer feedback and errors from third-party deliveries. Rally's faced challenges in accurately tracking and addressing issues related to orders and customer requests coming from these third-party platforms. This resulted in inefficiencies, lost revenue, and potential customer dissatisfaction.

Solution & Results

The implementation of Loop yielded remarkable results for KGR:

Loop stepped in to solve these challenges by integrating with all third-party platforms and automating the reconciliation of orders and customer refunds. With Loop's solution, Rally's team gained access to a comprehensive daily list of chargebacks and order issues, allowing them to promptly address problems and improve customer satisfaction. The system also captured proof of delivery through images, enabling Rally's to effectively resolve customer disputes.


Error rates dropped




The impact of Loop's implementation was remarkable.

Rally's experienced a significant reduction in order error rates, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced lost revenue. They were able to cut their error rates by more than half and save approximately $5,000 per year. Moreover, the automation provided by Loop freed up valuable time for the team, allowing them to focus on more productive tasks and build better systems and processes. This resulted in cost savings, increased visibility into orders, and enhanced customer service.

By leveraging Loop's platform, Rally's transformed their operations, achieved tangible results, and positioned themselves for continued growth and success in the competitive market of food delivery services.

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