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The On Demand Company:

A Digital Transformation Journey



Time for store issue detection

From 2 weeks to 1 hour


Store network management

Single source of truth for store performance


Payouts to nextwork

From 8 weeks to 1 week


“Thanks to Loop's Financial Intelligence, we were able to automate and speed up our owner payouts for all our physical locations. Before, it used to take almost a month to process them, but now we can do it within one week, which is a huge time-saver. We've also eliminated over 100 hours of accounting work that was previously required to collate, analyze and process the payouts and commissions each week. Thanks to Loop's system, we now have better control over payouts.”

ALI - COO The OnDemand Company

“Team at Loop are awesome, they are keen in understanding and solving the payouts problem for us, with Loop’s financial reconciliation we were able to structure our payouts, investments in 3rd Party Marketing, Commissions, simply eliminating the leakages in our payouts leading to almost 30% more cash flow every month. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking to optimize their finances”

RAY - Founder & CEO

“I still get impressed every day with Loop imagining wherever we are at when we first started and where we are now.Previously we used to take 5-6 hours to audit one account and if we have call with an owner it takes 3-4 days of AEs time to prepare a report, with Loop we were able to audit all the 1000 in same week and conduct multiple periodic reviews, this has transformed our workflows in Customer Success in monitor the health of the accounts in one single dashboard”

HALEY - COO The OnDemand Company


The On Demand Company has

500-1000 Locations
750-1500 Brands
Virtual Brand

In the ever-evolving world of virtual brands, The On Demand Company has stood the test of time growing their store network to 100s of locations and enabling 10s of millions in incremental solas. Their approach of creating personalized brands for each location based on their kitchen capability and capacity has allowed them to tap into untapped customer segments, attract new clientele, and differentiate themselves in the market. However, the rapid growth brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic presented several challenges. This case study explores how The On Demand Company tackled these obstacles and achieved transformative results through their partnership with Loop.


As one of the largest virtual brands, The On Demand Company had carved a niche for itself by creating customized brands for restaurants based on available resources, current competency, and market demand. By avoiding brand reuse and focusing on ground-up innovation, they successfully positioned their products and menus to attract specific customer segments. However, the sudden surge in store locations, expanding to nearly 1000 stores, introduced critical pain points that needed immediate attention.


Pain Points:

  • Ensuring newly established stores were digitally operational and capable of serving customers posed a significant hurdle.
  • Maintaining operational efficiency and error-free order processing across stores was vital.
  • Timely and accurate payments to the owner network, based on individual permissions.

Solution & Results

The implementation of Loop yielded remarkable results for TODC:


Financial Reconciliation

The digital transformation journey with Loop brought forth several significant advancements for The On Demand Company. The most impactful change was the improvement in payment processing. With Loop's customizable revenue workflow modules, The On Demand Company was able to make timely and accurate payments to their customers, reducing payment processing delays from nearly two months to less than two weeks. Loop's reconciliation capabilities ensured the proper distribution of payouts, avoiding cash flow challenges and improving overall financial efficiency. Loop facilitated organizational re-structuring by automating the finance function which is now overseen by the head of operations


Store Availability

By providing real-time information on activated or deactivated stores, Loop offered valuable visibility to The On Demand Company. This enhanced visibility prevented operational disruptions and allowed them to ensure that all stores were functioning properly, serving customers without any interruptions, and maximizing their operational efficiency.


Store performance management

Loop’s error module empowered the team to aggregate, analyze, and troubleshoot performance issues at both macro and micro levels. By leveraging the module, The On Demand Company could address concerns promptly, provide targeted assistance to their owner network, and ensure a seamless customer experience. The comprehensive views of performance data, enabled data-driven decisions, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The implementation of Loop's marketing campaigns led to a 17% growth in sales for OnDemand. Owners now receive their payments twice as fast, with the payout time reduced from 8 weeks to 1 week. Additionally, the customer success team successfully runs operational checks their entire network in the same week, improving efficiency and ensuring accuracy. By reallocating budgets to high-performing campaigns across all platforms, OnDemand experienced revenue growth and maximized the impact of their marketing efforts.

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